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Welcome to Strymonikos Bay.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Asprovalta, Nea Vrasna and/or Vrasna, the settlements of the municipality of Volvi. We will not get into the temptation to describe the beauty or the tourist attractions of our region, trying to convince you to choose it as you tourist destination or to describe it as the ideal holiday location. You can take a look of our website’s photo-album that will give you a complete view of our region, or you can visit us and see it your self. What we, the members of the Rent Rooms Association of Asprovalta - Vrasna, can guarantee is the quality of accommodation services, combined with low cost holidays and varied options for tours, meals, entertainment, sightseeing and getaways that you can choose during your vacation. Thank you for choosing us and you can be assured that we are at your disposal for any information, clarification, comment or complaint. Enjoy your vacations!!!