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Nea Skioni


N. Skioni is without a doubt a destination ideally suited to family vacations. The Fishing Harbor supports both the local economy and the aesthetics of the area and offers the visitor with a chance to procure fresh fish, to moor their boats and enjoy a stroll in this small, picturesque port at night! The petit, traditional village N. Skioni offers to its visitors all they desire for their vacations. An idyllic sunset and a beautiful night next to the sea, all they have to do is promise that they shall return in the years to come!

Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
GERODIMOS ACHILLEAS   N.SKIΟNI 6942611081     2374071246 0938Κ123Κ0633700 Apartments
GERODIMOS ACHILLEAS   N.SKIΟNI 6942611081     2374071246 0938K123K0451600 Apartments
DELIMARAS GEΟRGIOS   N.SKIΟNI       2374071415 0938Κ112Κ0445700 Rooms
KORDELLA EVGENIA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071386 0938Κ123Κ0494200 Apartments
KORDELLA-MYLΟNA MARIA PΑNSION ALEXANDROS N.SKIΟNI       2374071386 09.38.Κ.12.3Κ.03955.15.00 Apartments
KOUZOUCHA SOFIA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071516 0938Κ123Κ0487100 Apartments
KOUZOUCHAS GEΟRGIOS   N.SKIΟNI       2374071311 0938Κ122Κ0750600 Apartments
KOUKOVINOU AΤΗINA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071308 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.01863.15.00 Rooms
KOUKOUVINOS ASTERIOS   N.SKIΟNI       2374071571,2310694291 0938Κ122Κ0459800 Apartments
LEMONIS PANAGIΟTIS   N.SKIΟNI         0938Κ123Κ0449400 Apartments
LYPIRIDOU KYRIAKI   N.SKIΟNI       2374071515 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.07507.15.00 Rooms
BELLOS FΟTIOS BELLOS Apartments N.SKIΟNI       2374071329 09.38.Κ.12.3Κ.02221.15.00 Apartments
MYLΟNAS GEΟRGIOS   N.SKIΟNI       2374071378 0938Κ123Κ0451000 Apartments
NIKOLAΪDIS STYLIANOS ΓΑΛΗΝΗ N.SKIΟNI       2374071830,6944716860 0938Κ123Κ0672900 Apartments
NTALABIRA KΟSTANTINA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071334 0938K123K0693200 Apartments
PAPAMICHAIL-POTSEPI O.E. Stella-Meri Studios N.SKIΟNI 6978 256885 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2374071362 0938Κ123Κ0710601 Apartments
PAPANIKOLAOU ARGYRI   N.SKIΟNI       2374022057 09.38.Κ.11.2Κ.00397.15.00 Rooms
PAPACHRISTODOULOU ELENI   N.SKIΟNI         0938Κ122Κ0445000 Apartments
PAPACHRISTODOULOU ΤΗEODΟRA   N.SKIΟNI 6972329510     2374071210 0938Κ112Κ0458400 Rooms
PERISTERIANOU GEΟRGIA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071184 09.38.Κ.11.3Κ.03451.15.00 Rooms
PROKOPIDOU AIKATERINI   N.SKIΟNI 6977197571     2374071793 09.38.Κ.11.3Κ.01880.15.00 Rooms
FOULIRAS GEΟRGIOS   N.SKIΟNI       2374071117 09.38.Κ.11.2Κ.01576.15.00 Rooms
CHALKIA ELEVΤΗERIA   N.SKIΟNI       2374071123 0938Κ123Κ0504201 Apartments
CHARPANTIDIS ANDREAS   N.SKIΟNI 6944585795     2374071241 0938Κ123Κ0732100 Apartments

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