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Paliouri is known for honey and olive oil production. Visitors to this southernmost end of Kassandra will fall in love with its unique natural beauty, the drives through pine forests which end up in a deep-blue sea ready to welcome those select few that know! The small traditional roads paint the village with a special color, while 2km to the northeast of the village lies the renowned and popular beach of Chrouso, where the pine tree forest almost touches the golden sandy beach.

Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
ANAGNΟSTAKI VASILIKI   PALIOURI       2374092037 0938Κ123Κ0592700 Apartments
DALLA MAGDALINI   PALIOURI         0938Κ133Κ0710900 Apartments and Rooms
EVANGELOU EMMANOUIL   PALIOURI       2374092435 0938Κ112Κ0750100 Rooms
ΤΗ.GEΟRGIADIS-G.GEΟRGIADIS O.E. ΤΗ.GEΟRGIADIS-G.GEΟRGIADIS O.E.   PALIOURI 6944277244       0938Κ91000698301   Furnished Home
KARAGIANNIS NIKOLAOS   PALIOURI       2374092218 09.38.Κ.11.3Κ.01305.20.00 Rooms
KOUFOGIANNI MARIA HOUSE KLEANTHIS PALIOURI       2374092040 09.38.Κ.11.3Κ.02145.20.00 Rooms
LAGOUDAKIS SΟTIRIS "PORTO VALITSA" PALIOURI       2374092007 09.38.Κ.12.4Κ.02193.20.00 Apartments
MYROFORIDIS VASILEIOS Apartments Anna PALIOURI 6946101874     2375092436,6946101874 0938Κ123Κ0738200 Apartments
TABOURLOU ELENI   PALIOURI       2374092064 09.38.Κ.11.2Κ.07500.20.00 Rooms
CHATZIIΟANNIDOU KYRIAKI   PALIOURI 6948891676     2374092410 09.38.Κ.12.2Κ.01537.20.00 Apartments

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