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Do you love the deep-blue sea and enjoy the idea to find yourselves on a beach that stretches over 7 km? Do you love evening walks on paved streets? Do you like eating fresh fish next to the breaking of the wave? Are you interested in meeting fellow travelers from around the world? Do you want to visit the church of Agios Athanasios which was erected in 1912, or the Square with the church of Genisi tou Christou (the Birth of Christ) which dates from 1863? Would you like to visit an open-air olive press? If yes then visit Polychrono! A holiday oasis in Kassandra that will enchant you!


Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
CORE RESORTS MONOPROSΟPI E.P.E. "Core" POLYCHRONO 999434810,6936053545 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.coreresorts.gr 2374052959 0938Κ113Κ0658401 Rooms
KRSTEVSKI IGOR ASTERI POLYCHRONO 6979060123 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     0938Κ112Κ0673800 Rooms
ADAM VASILEIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051248,54114 0938Κ111Κ0481900 Rooms
ADAM GEΟRGIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051960 0938Κ121Κ0482200 Apartments
ADAM ELEVΤΗERIA   POLYCHRONO       2374054164 0938Κ112Κ0482500 Rooms
ADAM PINELOPI   POLYCHRONO       2374051463 0938Κ1122Κ0483400 Rooms
ADRAMERINOS ASTERIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052449 0938Κ111Κ0483600 Rooms
ALEXANDRI EVGENIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052065 0938Κ122Κ0484400 Apartments
ALEXANDRI EVGENIA   POLYCHRONO         0938Κ122Κ0484600 Apartments
ALEXANDRIS STYLIANOS   POLYCHRONO 6932124841       0938Κ122Κ0660400 Apartments
ALEXANDRIS STYLIANOS   POLYCHRONO 6932124841       0938Κ122Κ0660300 Apartments
ANASTASIOU AΤΗANASIOS   POLYCHRONO 6979307363       0938Κ123Κ0711501 Apartments
ANASTASIOU DIMITRA   POLYCHRONO       2374051675 0938Κ123Κ0691000 Apartments
ASTERIOU STAFROULA   POLYCHRONO       2374051960 0938Κ111Κ0486900 Rooms
AFOI ΤΗEODΟROU O.E.   POLYCHRONO       2374052404 0938K124K0686500 Apartments
AFOI KATIKI O.E.   POLYCHRONO       2374052559 098Κ112Κ0487200 Rooms
VAVDINOS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051202,2374052139 0938Κ121Κ0487700 Apartments
VAMVAKA EIRINI   POLYCHRONO       2374051211 0938Κ111Κ0487900 Rooms
VAMVAKA KALLIOPI ΠΟΛΥΣΤΥΛΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ POLYCHRONO       2374051518 0938Κ122Κ0488100 Apartments
VAMVAKA KALLIOPI ΠΟΛΥΣΤΥΛΟ ΣΠΙΤΙ POLYCHRONO       2374051518 0938Κ122Κ0488600 Apartments
VIOLTZI MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051978 0938Κ121Κ0488800 Apartments
VIOLTZIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374054163 0938Κ111Κ0489000 Rooms
VIOLTZIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051978 0938Κ121Κ0489100 Apartments
VIOLTZIS SAVVAS   POLYCHRONO       2374054163 0938Κ111Κ0489300 Rooms
GARYFALLOU STELLA   POLYCHRONO       2374051971 0938K112K0490300 Rooms
GIANNOUSOPOULOS NIKOLAOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052377 098Κ122Κ049800 Apartments
GIANNOUSOPOULOU MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052377 0938Κ122Κ0491100 Apartments
GITSOPOULOS ΤΗΟMAS   POLYCHRONO       2374053873,6973808927 0938Κ122Κ0491400 Apartments
GRAMMATI ELENI   POLYCHRONO       2374051537 0938Κ121Κ0491900 Apartments
GRAMMATIS ALEXANDROS   POLYCHRONO       2374052150 0938Κ111Κ0492700 Rooms
GRAMMATIS IΟANNIS   POLYCHRONO       2374051592 0938Κ111Κ0493000 Rooms
GRIGORIOU AIKATERINI   POLYCHRONO       2374051669,91216 0938Κ122Κ0493900 Apartments
GRIGORIOU ANΤΗOULIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051669,91216 0938Κ122Κ0494200 Apartments
GRIGORIOU ELENI   POLYCHRONO   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2374051681 0938Κ122Κ0494300 Apartments
DALAMAGKAS ASTERIOS   POLYCHRONO       6976727169 0938Κ122Κ0494800 Apartments
DALAMAGKAS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053429 0938Κ122Κ0495100 Apartments
DASKALOPOULOS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       69745811664,2374051501 0938K112Κ0732900 Rooms
DASKALOPOULOS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       6974581164 0938Κ112Κ0732800 Rooms
DASKALOPOULOU ELENI   POLYCHRONO       6986815008,2374051501 0938Κ122Κ0495300 Apartments
DESTOUNI DΟROΤΗEA   POLYCHRONO       2374052271 0938Κ123Κ0495800 Apartments
ZAGKA DIMITRA   POLYCHRONO       2374051371 0938Κ121Κ0496200 Apartments
ZAGKAS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051371 0938Κ121Κ0496400 Apartments
ZACHOS MICHAIL Villa Michalis POLYCHRONO       2374051533 0938Κ122Κ0496800 Apartments
ZACHOU ANTΟNIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051533 0938Κ122Κ0497301 Apartments
ZACHOU ANTΟNIA Villa Michalis POLYCHRONO       2374051533 0938Κ123Κ0497500 Apartments
IΟANNIDIS ACHILLEAS "ΜΑΚΕΔΩΝ" POLYCHRONO 6976859190     2374052612 0938Κ133Κ0497700 Apartments and Rooms
IΟANNOU ANNA   POLYCHRONO       2374051397 0938Κ111Κ0497900 Rooms
KAΪAFA ALEXANDRA   POLYCHRONO 6974592200     2374053500 0938Κ122Κ0498100 Apartments
KAΪAFA ALEXANDRA   POLYCHRONO 6974592200     2374053500 0938Κ123Κ0498200 Apartments
KAΪAFA ANASTASIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051367 0938Κ121Κ0498300 Apartments
KAΪAFA ASIMINA   POLYCHRONO       2374052854 0938Κ111Κ0498700 Rooms
KAΪAFA GEΟRGIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051482 0938Κ112Κ0499000 Rooms
KAΪAFA GEΟRGIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051482 0938Κ111Κ0499100 Rooms
KAΪAFA D. KALLIOPI   POLYCHRONO       2374052191 0938Κ121Κ0499600 Apartments
KAΪAFA ELPINIKI   POLYCHRONO       2374053964,2310325782 0938Κ121Κ0499200 Apartments
KAΪAFA EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053334 0938Κ121Κ0499400 Apartments
KAΪAFA MAGDALINI   POLYCHRONO       2374053860,2310427914 0938Κ121Κ0499700 Apartments
KAΪAFA CHRYSOULA   POLYCHRONO 6936974548     2374051503 0938Κ111Κ0499900 Rooms
KAΪAFAS AΤΗANASIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051482 0938Κ121Κ0500000 Apartments
KAΪAFAS DIAMANTIS   POLYCHRONO       2374052434,52307 0938Κ112Κ0500200 Rooms
KAΪAFAS EFOLIDIS   POLYCHRONO       2374053334 0938Κ123Κ0500300 Apartments
KAΪAFAS NIKOLAOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051369 0938Κ111Κ0500600 Rooms
KAΪAFAS NIKOLAOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051369 0938Κ121Κ0500500 Apartments
KAΪAFAS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374023457 0938Κ112Κ0500700 Rooms
KALOUMENOU AGNI   POLYCHRONO       2374110025 0938Κ123Κ0501000 Apartments
KARAGIANNAKI EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051786 0938Κ121Κ0501100 Apartments
KARANIKOLA ELENI   POLYCHRONO 6983289576     2374053336 0938Κ111Κ0501300 Rooms
KARANIKOLA LEMONIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052605 0938Κ111Κ0523300 Rooms
KARANIKOLAS PASCHALIS   POLYCHRONO       2374051552 0938Κ123Κ0501500 Apartments
KARATASOS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053330 0938Κ111Κ0501700 Rooms
KARATASOS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053330 0938Κ111Κ0501800 Rooms
KARATASOS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053330 0938Κ111Κ0501900 Rooms
KARATASOS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053330 0938Κ111Κ0502100 Rooms
KOKKINIDIS VALENTINOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053531,6944515806 0938Κ132Κ0728100 Apartments and Rooms
KORBETI AΤΗANASIA   POLYCHRONO 6936668333     2310707814 0938Κ123Κ0502400 Apartments
KORBETI EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052491 0938Κ121Κ0502600 Apartments
KORBETI MARIA   POLYCHRONO 6955024009     2374052491 0938Κ123Κ0507400 Apartments
KORBETIS PANTELEIMΟN   POLYCHRONO         0938Κ113Κ0703900 Rooms
KOUTZIARIS EMMANOUIL   POLYCHRONO 6978522296     2374052449 0938Κ123Κ0508100 Apartments
KYPARISSI POLYXENI   POLYCHRONO 6947302412       0938Κ122Κ0508400 Apartments
KΟNSTANTINOUDI EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051657 0938Κ111Κ0509000 Rooms
KΟNSTANTINOUDI EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051657 0938Κ111Κ0509300 Rooms
KΟNSTANTINOUDI EVANGELIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051657 0938Κ111Κ0509600 Rooms
LAΤΗYRI VASILIKI   POLYCHRONO       2374053140 0938Κ111Κ0509700 Rooms
LABROU MARINA   POLYCHRONO 6972607419       0938Κ122Κ0510100 Apartments
LISTIS IΟANNIS AKRATHOS HOUSE POLYCHRONO 6973026162 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.akrathoshouses.gr 2374051060,2310445566 0938Κ133Κ0510300 Apartments and Rooms
LOUKAS PANAGIΟTIS   POLYCHRONO 6937195555     2374053086 09.38.Κ.12.3Κ.02045.26.00 Apartments
LYKIDOU MARIANΤΗI   POLYCHRONO       2374051383 0938Κ112Κ0510800 Rooms
MARGARITIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374053886 0938Κ121Κ0511500 Apartments
MARGARITIS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO       2374024802 0938Κ121Κ0511700 Apartments
MATAMI MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051588 0938Κ124Κ0512100 Apartments
MATAMIS CHRISTOS   POLYCHRONO 6942445395       0938Κ123Κ0659901 Apartments
MAFRIDIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO 6932165999     2374051478 0938Κ111Κ0512700 Rooms
MAFRIDIS DIMITRIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051478 0938Κ111Κ0512800 Rooms
MAFRIDIS IΟANNIS   POLYCHRONO       2374051478 0938Κ122Κ0513000 Apartments
MESKINI MARIA   POLYCHRONO 6979915989     2374051560 0938Κ111Κ0514700 Rooms
MICHAILIDOU MAGDALINI REA POLYCHRONO 6976670101 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2374053018 0938Κ121Κ0515300 Apartments
MICHAILIDOU -PAPAGRIGORAKI OLGA   POLYCHRONO       2374052911 0938Κ111Κ0514900 Rooms
MOSCHOS ALEXANDROS   POLYCHRONO       2374053429 0938Κ122Κ0515500 Apartments
MOSCHOS PANAGIΟTIS   POLYCHRONO 6973406496       0938Κ122Κ0516100 Apartments
MOULLA CHRYSOULA   POLYCHRONO       2310809469 0938Κ123Κ0710801 Apartments
MOUSTAKA ANΤΗOULA   POLYCHRONO       2374051328 0938Κ122Κ0516500 Apartments
MOUSTAKA ANΤΗOULA   POLYCHRONO       2374051973 0938Κ111Κ0516700 Rooms
MOUSTAKA IΟANNA   POLYCHRONO       2374051333 0938Κ121Κ0518000 Apartments
MOUSTAKA OLYBIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051380 0938Κ122Κ0518700 Apartments
MOUSTAKAS VASILEIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052209 0938Κ122Κ0520600 Apartments
MOUSTAKAS GARYFALLOS   POLYCHRONO 6972668889     2374051333 0938Κ121Κ0521100 Apartments
MOUSTAKAS GRIGORIS   POLYCHRONO       2374051652 0938Κ123Κ0521400 Apartments
MOUSTAKAS KΟNSTANTINOS   POLYCHRONO       2374054196 0938Κ121Κ05226000 Apartments
BIZIΟTA ΤΗEANΟ   POLYCHRONO       2374051937 0938Κ121Κ0521700 Apartments
NOULIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052542 0938Κ123Κ0522000 Apartments
NOULIS KΟN/NOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052542 0938Κ123Κ0522400 Apartments
NTINIDOU LEMONIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052605 0938Κ123Κ0523600 Apartments
NTOTSIOS VASILEIOS   POLYCHRONO 6977261207     2374051508 0938Κ122Κ0520600 Apartments
NTOTSIOS IΟANNIS   POLYCHRONO       2374052110 0938Κ122Κ0523700 Apartments
NTOTSIOU AIKATERINI   POLYCHRONO       2374052110 0938Κ122Κ0523900 Apartments
NTOTSIOU ALEXANDRA   POLYCHRONO       2374052125 0938Κ123Κ0524300 Apartments
NTOTSIOU ANΤΗOULA   POLYCHRONO       2374051684 0938Κ121Κ0524600 Apartments
NTOTSIOU KONDYLIA   POLYCHRONO       2374051684 0938Κ121Κ0524700 Apartments
PANOPOULOS SΟTIRIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052089 0938K111K0525000 Rooms
PANOPOULOS SΟTIRIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052089 0938Κ111Κ0525400 Rooms
PANOPOULOU DESPOINA   POLYCHRONO   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   237452089 0938Κ122Κ0674700 Apartments
PAPADOPOULOS DIMOSΤΗENIS   POLYCHRONO       2374053806 0938Κ122Κ0183300 Apartments
PAPADOPOULOU MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053986 0938Κ113Κ0526600 Rooms
PAPADOPOULOU MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053986 0938Κ122Κ0526800 Apartments
PAPAMICHAILIDIS MICHAIL   POLYCHRONO 6976302466       0938Κ123Κ0682001 Apartments
PAPASTEFANOU ERMIONI   POLYCHRONO 6977860161     2374051565 0938Κ122Κ0527100 Apartments
PAPPOU ANASTASIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053615 0938Κ121Κ0527300 Apartments
PAPPOU GEΟRGIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053615 0938Κ121Κ0527500 Apartments
PAPPOU GEΟRGIA   POLYCHRONO       2374053615 0938Κ121Κ0527900 Apartments
PARDALI AGAΤΗONIKI   POLYCHRONO       2374051216 0938Κ122Κ0528100 Apartments
PARDALI AIKATERINI   POLYCHRONO 6972668889     2374051333 0938Κ121Κ0528400 Apartments
PATENTALI MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052425 0938Κ113Κ0528900 Rooms
PERISTERIDOU DIMITRA   POLYCHRONO       2374052426 0938Κ122Κ0529400 Apartments
PERISTERIDOU MARIA   POLYCHRONO       2374052426 0938Κ122Κ0529700 Apartments
PIPEROPOULOS PAFLOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052179 0938Κ112Κ0530000 Rooms
SARIKA ΤΗEODOSIA   POLYCHRONO 6946003381 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.hotelsarikas.net 2374052943 0938Κ122Κ0530300 Apartments
SARIKAS ANTΟNIOS   POLYCHRONO 6934909687 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.hotelsarikas.net 2374052280 0938Κ122Κ0530500 Apartments
SPANOS APOSTOLOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051484 0938Κ122Κ0530700 Apartments
SPANOU ANNA   POLYCHRONO       2374051484 0938Κ122Κ0531000 Apartments
SPANOU SOFIA   POLYCHRONO       2374042452 0938Κ123Κ0531200 Apartments
STAMATI ELENI   POLYCHRONO       6974399490 0938Κ122Κ0719501 Apartments
TSAGKAS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374051556 0938Κ123Κ0531600 Apartments
TSANAXI MARIA   POLYCHRONO 6944693621     2374051898 0938K122K0532700 Apartments
TSIRIDIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052011 0938Κ111Κ0533100 Rooms
TSIRIDIS GEΟRGIOS   POLYCHRONO       2374052011 0938Κ111Κ0534500 Rooms
FORLIAKAS IΟANNIS   POLYCHRONO       2374052047 0938Κ122Κ0534900 Apartments
CHASAPI MARIA   POLYCHRONO 6973775032 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.theramvos.net 2374052090 0938Κ122Κ0535100 Apartments

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