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Monday, 29 December 2014 02:00

Map of Mount Athos

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00


Welcome to Strymonikos Bay. We wish you a pleasant stay in Asprovalta, Nea Vrasna and/or Vrasna, the settlements of the municipality of Volvi. We will not get into the temptation to describe the beauty or the tourist attractions of our region, trying to convince you to choose it as you tourist destination or to describe it as the ideal holiday location. You can take a look of our website’s photo-album that will give you a complete view of our region, or you can visit us and see it your self. What we, the members of the Rent Rooms Association of Asprovalta - Vrasna, can guarantee is the quality of accommodation services, combined with low cost holidays and varied options for tours, meals, entertainment, sightseeing and getaways that you can choose during your vacation. Thank you for choosing us and you can be assured that we are at your disposal for any information, clarification, comment or complaint. Enjoy your vacations!!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00


Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



Taxiarchis is known for its major production of firs and one of the popular spots for winter getaways! Snow starts falling early in the winter in the area and combined with the fir forest make Taxiarchis renowned around Greece! The traditional taverns offer an excellent choice of barbeque, while the local recipes for desserts and the wonderful views from the area are truly unforgettable! Taxiarchis, dominating on Mt. Holomontas, shall become your favorite area also during the summer, since the cool nights, combined with the clean atmosphere and the hospitable environment, are but a few of the features which make the area very attractive! Finally you must visit the exhibition hall of the Women’s Coop of Taxiarchis and buy spoon sweets, local liqueurs and brushwood from Holomontas!

Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
PAPAGIANNIS AΤΗANASIOS "ΚΑΤΑΛΥΜΑΤΑ ΠΑΠΑΓΙΑΝΝΗ" TAXIARCHIS 6942087058 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2371094200 0938Κ122Κ0616400 Apartments
PAPAGIANNIS AΤΗANASIOS "ΚΑΤΑΛΥΜΑΤΑ ΠΑΠΑΓΙΑΝΝΗ" TAXIARCHIS 6942087058 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2371094200 0938Κ112Κ0616200 Rooms
TSIOLAKI ASTERIA- TSIOLAKI MARIA O.E.   TAXIARCHIS 6944348365     2371094251 0938Κ123Κ0622800 Apartments
TSOLAKIS ALEXANDROS Η ΦΑΡΜΑ TAXIARCHIS 6974275097     2371094181 0938Κ124Κ0656200 Apartments
Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



The capital of Halkidiki is “embraced” by Mountain Holomontas. Polygyros is a modern city, yet flirting with tradition. One walk in its historic web is enough, with its dozens of restored houses and stone-paved streets charming the visitors! The Museum of Halkidiki, the Folklore Museum of Polygyros, the Municipal Theatre, home to many events and happenings, the Summer Festival of Polygyros in the city’s open-air theatre are places where the visitor comes to contact with history, tradition and art. Polygyros is also ideal for mountain getaways while for… altitude lovers a visit to the chapel of Ai Lias will fill you with awe, as the view of the whole of South Halkidiki from up there will surely “leave you breathless”!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Palaiochori -Neochori - Varvara-Vavdos


If you enjoy the mountains, where the oak and beech trees dew the summer evenings, so much that you will probably need a jacket, then visit Paleochori, Neochori and Varvara! These areas have an accentuated traditional color lend to them by the activities of their residents and “surrounded” as they are by dense forests, will make you think that you have reached the villages of simple folk but also melancholic and romantic poets! Walk in the forest; listen to the gargle of the water of small ravines and face, if you dare the wild boars which live there free. For once you may detach the notion of holidays from the sea…

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Megali Panagia-Metagitsi


The “village of miners” is a picturesque hamlet in the “embrace” of might mountain volumes and ready to reveal to you the rare beauty of an area which, well “hidden” below beech and oak trees, lives “noiselessly”… Megali Panagia is also known by its traditional name, Revenikia, and is only ten minutes away from Arnea. It will show you the way to tranquility and deep relaxation. Charming narrow alleyways, traditional coffee shops, a central Square vibrant with life in the evening and at night, bringing to mind times long past, are just some of the things that you will remember for a long time. Traditional, small commercial shops stand “untouched by time” and ready to take you on a trip down memory lane. In Megali Panagia you will still find professionals such as horseshoe makers, tinkers, weavers, while the miners of the area are ready to describe in detail their own professional experiences! Should you visit Megali Panagia on the 15th of August, don’t forget to pay your respects at the chapel of Our Lady (Panagia) which is less than 3 km. away from the settlement. Devotees from all around Greece flock here and seek Her Grace on the festive Evening Prayer on August 14. If you are a religious traveler then in Megali Panagia you shall combine a beautiful vacation with getaways to the mountain while coming closer to Greek Orthodox Tradition.