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Dionisiou Beach

The settlement of Paralia (beach) Dionisiou was created in 1964 by the residents of Dionisiou, established in 1922, just a few kilometres inland, by refugees arriving here from Constantinople. Only 2 kms from Nea Moudania, here you can spend moments of true peace and relaxation. Let your eyes wander to the edge of the horizon, trying to distinguish the sea from the sky. Listen carefuly to the waves. It’s the only “noise” that will disturb you in Paralia Dionisiou. Stroll along the footpath next to the beach and enjoy the colors and fragrances of the flowers. If what you seek from a vacation is peace and quiet, cocktails next to the beach, fresh fish by the waves and clear waters stretching for kilometrers, then Paralia Dionisiou is your destination.

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