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On the southwestern wing of the complex of the Skete of St. Andrew near Karyes operates today the Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy, or Athonite Academy. The Academy was inaugurated in 1749, following an initiative by Patriarch Cyril the V. It had originally been housed in a building constructed specially for this on a hill near Vatopedi monastery. That complex included of 170 cells, Refectory, Chapel, Library and teaching halls. It was a highest educational academy under the corresponding Patriarchic Sigil. St. Cosmas of Aetolia and Athanasius Parios had both graduated and taught there. It ceased to operate in 1809 and reopened its doors in St. Andrew’s Skete as an ecclesiastical academy and orphanage in 1930. 

Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy 

Tel. 23770-23200 Fax 23770-23341 

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